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al alali pasta sauce hot chilli
KSAItem No: 60512JA

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7.95 AED

320 g
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Al Alali Pizza Sauce recipe, All natural no preservatives or artificial ingredients. Very convenient for homemade pizza. Saves me a lot of time. Available in different flavors. Has Italian taste in all flavors. has the right taste of tomatoes and the right mix of spices and herbs
The best of Italian flavours all combined into one tasty sauce, from hearty tomatoes to fresh herbs and spices, this sauce can be used for a whole range of meals, from a light lunch to a more extravagant dinner.
Tomatoes are the main ingredient in pizza sauce and contain lycopene. Lycopene is a powerful�antioxidant�and scientific research has found a link between lycopene and lower levels of certain cancers.�